How Can Your Company Start Thinking “Green” by Shaun Nelson, Purchasing & Inventory Manager


VOP_7018Often times within the small business world we find that developing sustainable business or green business practices can sometimes get overlooked.    All companies are faced with the rising costs of monthly expenses and our environment struggles to maintain its healthy balance.  By operating with sustainability in mind, expenses can decrease and the environment will thank you.    If you’re just getting started or haven’t yet established a green program at your company, here are a few easy ways to begin.

Power Usage

One way to decrease power expenses is to evaluate the efficiency of your lighting.  Could your company benefit from an investment in a motion sensor lighting system?  Communicate with other department managers and discuss an accountability plan to determine unnecessary lighting times or locations.  Depending on current bulbs within your companies lighting system, you may be due for an upgrade.  You might also find that your local utility company offers rebates for such upgrades.

Water Usage

How many companies are watching their water bill monthly? Ever notice the big spike in summer usage for those that own their property.  Perhaps it’s time to conduct a sprinkler system analysis on your property.  Depending on when sprinklers were installed, the landscape could have changed or plant shapes may now be different.   I have found that on new properties once the landscape gets fully grown you might find sprinklers that are unnecessary or need to be relocated for improved efficiencies.


 Even if you currently have a recycling program in place could you be doing more?  For every trash can that is placed within your company, there should also be recycling receptacles nearby.  Break rooms are an excellent place to set up composting stations.  A diverse recycling program can decrease your companies dumpster size and frequencies which saves money.  Recycling is good for your company’s bottom line and the environment, but it can also improve employee’s morale.

If there is not a sustainable business program at your company, I recommend starting a “Green Team” committee on your own.  In time you will build credibility to your movement and gain support in making some bigger improvements. You will find that this will eventually change company culture so everyone is thinking green.  I challenge you to be that person in your company that wants to make it a better place!