Effective Store Merchandising = Profits by Trey Klug, Merchandiser Manager


As a store owner or manager, you see customer’s everyday rushing to gather quick items for dinner or dashing to a party and need a grab and go pre-made appetizer.   I’m sure you are wondering how you can get these rushing customers to stay in your store longer in order to buy more products.  You may be able to increase your business profits, while improving your customers overall experience, by following some simple best practice guidelines outlined below regarding key placements of featured displays for effective merchandising and customer shopping:

  1. Create perfect traffic flow by placing your grab-and-go items like milk, bottled water, beer, and wine, in the furthest point of the store.  Placing these items in the rear of the store allows your patrons to travel through the entire space to get the items they are searching for. 
  2. Securing displays and end caps at the perimeter of the store is a great way to grab the eye of the rushing customer.  It is not always necessary to place “sale” items in these locations; new or seasonal items are a great way to fill the space on the floor and generate new incremental sales while gaining some extra profits.
  3. The center aisles should be filled with general merchandise, cooking ingredients, and canned goods.  This setup is a key step in drawing consumers deeper into the market and exposes them to nonessential items along the way to gather the grab-and-go items.

According to a study by Paco Underhill, a consumer expert, customers typically shop in a clockwise motion.  Your product and display placement should help the customer travel through the entire space in order to increase the amount of purchases they make.  If a normal display is too generic for your account, reach out to your local beverage distributor to build seasonal thematic displays that increase interest and excitement for the customers in your store.

  Placing displays in the correct locations and points of interruption will help your customers travel through your account in a more effective and efficient manner.  Having the appropriate layout to guide your patrons through the entire store will help you, as a business owner or manager, gain increased sales and make more profit.

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