Convenience & Gas

Our team delivers a full line of refreshing, quality fountain drinks and services to businesses from entertainment venues to convenience stores to restaurants.

Fair and flexible contracts

Our flexible convenience and gas contracts add value while giving you the ability to run other company contracts. We’ll work with you to maximize your store’s full potential.

A variety of popular products

We offer a wide array of beverage and snack options including:

Fresh and innovative product selection

We constantly review trends and stay on top of consumer needs and local demographics to bring you innovative new products. We run promotions with the introduction of each new item and seasonal “new item” launches.

We’re open to discussing new item ventures – products you may know about but we do not. Contact us to share products you’re interested in.

Frequent specials

We run monthly product specials, with 8 to 14 different promotions typically running at any given time. “Time of year” programs include:

  • Holiday pallet offer
  • Summer sales incentives
  • Fountain promotions 

Convenient delivery

We deliver twice a week, based on volume. Because we’re local, we’re able to promptly take care of missed items or special deliveries and ensure sales are not lost.

Regular sales rep visits

Our Sales Representatives make service a priority with visits you can count on one to two times a week, depending on volume.

In-store support

Your Corwin team will visit at least twice each week.

Sales Reps will:

  • Discuss new items and pricing with store ownership/management
  • Offer discounted deals and  promotions
  • Write quality orders to ensure product freshness and availability
  • Display pricing (channel tags, door clings, window posters, outdoor point-of-sale, etc.)
  • Fill product as needed

Drivers will:

  • Make deliveries
  • Merchandise product (build and fill displays and shelves)

Rotate new cases under older product to ensure product quality

Accessible managers

Our managers are readily available to assist you with any needs or concerns. Call the Corwin office to be connected.

In store added value

We offer “on-invoice” CDA’s, so you don’t have to wait for a funding check. Customized Corwin Point of Sale (POS) gives us the ability to cross-promote our products with yours.

Solid profits

Corwin has approximately 230 “active” convenience stores in our market. 185 are “local” customers.

  • Of 230 “active-local” stores: 153 (83%) are on some level of Corwin Beverage CDA
  • Average profit-per-year in a mid-size Corwin market C&G store: $22,637.24

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